Erica French

Monica Jayne was really funny and explained a lot of really interesting things that I’m still mulling over! Definitely want to learn more!

Mary N. L.

You are a gift and you give so much love and acceptance in all that you do. ♥️♥️♥️

Prince Nesta.jpg

Prince Nesta

I experienced some of the best, open and real conversations in my life by attending Monica’s event. Awesome experience. You were funny, knowledgeable & honest.. Absolutely fantastic.

Chris Ball

This class was awesome! This work is greatly needed in this society and i think this area is a great place plant seeds and watch our world grow into a more sexually and personally evolved place. ❤️


Natasha Majewski

I realized I wanted an erotic and divine feminine goddess energy mentor. I just didn't realize it would be you until I asked you 😘 

Breanne Emerine

It took several days for the materials from her class to sink in, but now that they have I'm eager to learn more!  I'm extremely excited to start working with Monica Jayne as she has much enthusiasm for this topic. Hoping to learn more about my inner psyche and I feel confident after her class that she can help to guide me. 🌟


Where were you before you Took class with 🦄 monica jayne, what did you learn, ANd how will this affect your future?


Before class I felt stuck, like I was a freak/different.


Scared about pleasure! Still a little scared, but I feel more empowered now.


I felt fine about my sexuality before, but now I feel excited and eager to learn more and to try new things.


I was frustrated and starving before class. We learned some possible reasons for that, and a language to talk about it.


Before class I was feeling somewhat sexually frustrated and looking for new ways to discuss. Now I've got a new framework to use. Thanks!


My husband always asked me what I wanted sexually. I said I don’t know because I really didn’t. Now I feel like I have an idea of what I need to be turned on but I need more help in getting rid of my hesitations and shade to be fully capable of satisfaction.


Before class I was feeling guilty for not wanting to have sex all the time. I learned more about how I am wired for arousal and feel like it will now be easier for me to explore turn ons.


I have always been a sexually open person with an internal drive to always want more. This class helped to understand that. This is me and all I need to do is accept myself moving forward. In the future it will help my partner to better understand my needs and my hope is that through communication and trust we can both reach a point where we are fulfilling our erotic potential together while keeping her personal blueprint needs in mind.


Scared about pleasure! Still a little scared, but I feel more empowered now.