PDF Pre-Sale Special

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monica jayne unabashed unicorn logo-02.png

PDF Pre-Sale Special


Welcome to the pre-sale special for the forthcoming PDF to be delivered by email November 2019.

Thank you for supporting me in creating this. 🙏

PDF to Include:

• The 5 main ways we are wired to be lit up and turned on by life

For each of the 5 ways: 

• 3 things that light them up, turn them on the most, and make life worth living 

• 3 ways each type sabotages oneself

These insights will allow you to:

  • Truly see the depth of yourself and others

  • Know how to better feed yourself and others for greater fulfillment and enjoyment in your daily lives

  • Have more awareness and discretion of your actions that are self-sabotaging and depleting rather than expanding who you were born to be



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