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Exceptional! Exceptional! Exceptional! Thank you!! You brought concise, intelligent and elevated conversation that could have a positive effect on so many. It sure did on me. I felt your powerful message and presence, it affected me on a deep level. Merci.
— Mary Bennett, Producing Artistic Director, Bruka Theatre, Reno, NV

Public Speaking, teaching, facilitating, motivating, inspiring...


These all come naturally to Monica Jayne. She lights up a room and inspires. Her messages are compelling, her speech direct and concise, her presentation practical and immediately applicable to life.

Forget theory and fluff. When you hire Monica Jayne for your event, you’re sure to leave with a fire under you to move and change and grow and evolve many areas of your self and your life.

Subject matter can range greatly as her areas of study are many. Some examples include:

  • Communication

  • Creating safe, peaceful, harmonious relationships

  • Identifying needs and boundaries and speaking up for yourself; having your own back

  • Relationships - platonic to intimate

  • Energetics of the sexes (Masculine/Feminine/Neutral)

  • Practical Sex Education™

  • Creating safe, peaceful, harmonious relationships

  • Overcoming shame and repression and moving into acceptance, compassion, and vulnerability


comments and feedback

I appreciated your presentations last week. I came away from last week’s meeting with some useful frameworks for thinking about assault and consent.
— Anonymous
This event and discussion was so rad! Thank you all for coming and being able to share or just sit and listen like I did. Definitely excited for more of these sex positive discussions and events!
— Roger Castellon
You are a really great public speaker. Your presentation at the forum was awesome. I hope in the future you will have more forums and stages to present like that.
— Steve Hedrick
Hey lovely! I wanted to tell you that I truly enjoyed the workshop. You embody the teachings, that is obvious, and it was fun to watch you deliver with confidence and vulnerability. I could sense your journey is rich in this realm... thank you for putting yourself out there this way.
— Heidi Michelle
Direct. Succinct. Applicable. Powerful.
— Joe D.
I had such a wonderful experience delving into the realms that most people keep hush hush in Monica Jayne’s class yesterday. I learned a significant amount about myself and how I receive love, affection, and pleasure.

Monica Jayne hosts such a safe space where I felt comfortable voicing myself and being heard. Such a powerful modality of healing, and and even more powerful woman facilitating it.
— Jon Gunzel

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