Thanks for scheduling your Passionate Possibilities Session!


Monica Jayne looks forward to meeting with you!

As agreed, please complete this questionnaire 24 hours prior to your appointment.

If you’re interested in sexual empowerment and erotic awakening or healing repression and shame in these areas, take this quiz and you can talk about it more with Monica Jayne on the call. If you want to pass this awesome quiz on to others, the link is


Some recommendations to prepare for our session…

⚡️ Review your answers to the questionnaire and see what else could be coming up for you.

🦄 Center yourself in whatever way that works for you in the 15 minutes before. This can look as simple as putting all screens down and breathing. Maybe you want to do some stretching or take stroll outside.

⚡️ Notice the parts of you that are trying to hide out in the background and welcome these parts to come forward and be heard.

🦄 Show up with an open mind and heart and a sense of readiness to see yourself to deeply.


You are very brave!

thank you for daring to be 🦄 unabashedly you™!

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Speak soon…